Refund Policy

A 30 days refund policy protects your purchase.

We, at Find Your a product of Fintals Services Inc. Appreciate and great full for your purchase with us. With our potential patrons in accordance with our confidence, we serve our customers the best.

Refundable scenarios with the 30 days if:

  • The listing is not online on the website within the given time by the executive. Generally, the process takes 24-48 working hours to get 1-5 listings on the site. You can ask for the refund if it is not live within the specified time. 
  • After the Purchase, if you have the personal reason for changing your mind or made the purchase by mistake and you want it to cancel the advertisement within 30 days. No issues no matter what is the reason are your money can be refunded through the simple procedure without further queries or questions. 

Please note: If you have purchased listing space for the advertisement and if it doesn't start performing as advised, please notify us, within 30 days of your purchase. If there will be any issues, our support staff will be there to take care of it, within 24-48 working hours. In case of our support staff is unable to resolve the issue, within given time frame of you notifying us, a Full Refund will be issued.

How to submit a refund request:

All refund requests must be submitted in writing via email to We do not accept refund requests via the Live Chat or by phone. A response will be issued within 24-48 hours after receiving a refund request

Please be sure to include the register E-mail address, Phone Number, Advertisement ID (Listing ID) in the ticket that you raise.

Please note: It may take us up to 48-72 hours to process the refund, especially over the weekend when staffing levels are reduced.

Disclaimer: We, at a product of Fintals services 06BIQPP5709LIZL., do not provide any exchange policy in terms of send or receive of any payment from the listing owners through the website. We do not offer any booking services. We, at Find Your, offer the areas which you can showcase your business on the minimal investment.

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